A new species of small-eared shrew of the genus cryptotis (Mammalia, eulipotyphla, soricidae) from the northernmost Peruvian andes

Horacio Zeballos, Kateryn Pino, Cesar Edgardo Medina Pacheco, Alexander Pari, Daniel Chávez, Nicolás Tinoco, Gerardo Ceballos

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The northernmost Peruvian Andes, a unique biogeographic region characterized by the confluence of multiple distinct ecosystems (i.e. Amazon basin, Pacific rainforest, the Sechura Desert, the northern and central Andes), is the southernmost geographic range limit of the South American shrews representing the genus Cryptotis. In the northernmost Peruvian Andes, two poorly known species have traditionally been reported (C. Peruviensis and C. equatoris). Our study, based on molecular and morphologic traits, confirms the presence of C. Peruviensis but also the occurrence of C. montivaga, based on specimens erroneously assigned to C. equatoris. Moreover, a new species of Cryptotis from the páramo and montane forests of the Tabaconas Namballe National Sanctuary near the Ecuadorian border is also described. It is a member of the thomasi group and is distinguished from other South American shrews by a unique set of morphological characters, including large body size, comparatively short tail, simple ectoloph of M3, and large PM4 post protocrista.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)51-73
Number of pages23
Issue number1
StatePublished - 31 Jan 2018
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We wish to acknowledge the following for their support to our study: Project Pro Tabaconas Namballe National Sanctuary (SNTN) and its Program Support for Sustainable Development of the Area of Influence of the SNTN (Province of San Ignacio, Cajamarca Department; Call No. 15-2009-S-PER 04 007 11); Nature Consulting SAC; the Kingdom of Belgium for providing funding to the Peru-Ecuador Binational Plan; Douglas Cotrina, Chief of the SNTN (administration of National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State, SERNANP) for collection authorizations and logistical support; Santiago Burneo and Diego Tirira for facilitating our review of the mammal collection at the Natural History Museum of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Ecuador; Evaristo López for facilitating our review of the mammal specimens at the Scientific Collection of Natural History Museum of the

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  • Andean páramo
  • Neotropical shrews
  • New species
  • Peruvian mammals
  • Soricomorpha


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