Estudio preliminar de los Arctiinae (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) del departamento de Arequipa, Perú

Translated title of the contribution: Preliminary study of the Arctiinae (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) from Arequipa, Peru

Juan Grados, Evaristo Luciano Lopez Tejeda, Evelyn Olanda, Manuel Mojorovich, José Cerdeña

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


A preliminary list and diagnosis of the Arctiinae species of Arequipa is presented. It is proposed that Amastus pallescens is a new synonym of Amastus cellularis. The female of A. cellularis is reported for the first time. The Magnoptera watsoni species was revalidated, which was synonimized a few years ago with Amastus walkeri. It was collected during 2017-2018, in 16 evaluation stations that included 4 altitudinal ranges: 0-1500, 1500-2500, 2500-3500, 3500-4500 m.

Translated title of the contributionPreliminary study of the Arctiinae (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) from Arequipa, Peru
Original languageSpanish
Article numbere19758
JournalRevista Peruana de Biologia
Issue number1
StatePublished - Feb 2021

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