Evaluating the impact of training software engineers using the R&G methodology

Mauricio Diéguez, Ricardo Gacitúa, Elizabeth Vidal

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The increase in the complexity of the computer systems and the relevance acquired by the attributes of quality (for example, security) make it necessary to include in the early stages of software development the techniques of prevention and correction of failures. A first published study evaluated the impact of using a systematic methodology, called Rapid & Global (R&G). This was introduced in a first programming course with the objectives of facilitating the teaching of programming and introducing disciplined and systematic practices in the solution of problems. This article presents a second phase of this study and aims to present the results of the academic follow-up of students in a second programming course, after the introduction of the methodology, in an environment that does not encourage its use. The aim is to determine if there is evidence in this adverse environment that the students persist in its use or is completely discarded. A training evaluation model is used to determine the extent to which the practices learned in the first course are conserved and how they contribute to the final result obtained. This study reveals four important results: (i) The students faced, in a second course, adverse conditions and completely different to the conditions provided in the first course, which did not favor a better adoption of the methodology, (ii) There is evidence of the use of the methodology, despite the environment in which it does not favor its use, (iii) Although the results of the final evaluations show no significant differences in relation to the number of approved, this results suggest an improvement in the final qualification obtained, (iv) Achieving greater adoption of disciplined and systematic practices requires the existence of coordinated activities in subsequent courses, in order to favor the adoption and reinforcement of the acquired practices. The results of this study suggest that the introduction of a systematic methodology used in the teaching of programming, focused on the design of solutions, should be reinforced in subsequent courses in order to improve the level of adoption.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages12
StatePublished - 2018
Externally publishedYes
Event13th Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, JIISIC 2018 - Copiapo, Chile
Duration: 13 Jun 201815 Jun 2018


Conference13th Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, JIISIC 2018

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