Identifying Trypanosoma cruzi discreet typing units in triatomines collected in different natural regions of Perú

Carlos P. Padilla, Uriel Alvarado, Gladis Ventura, Deysi Luna-Caipo, Marcial Suárez, José R. Tuñoque, Nancy Ruelas-Llerena, Luis A. Fachín, Alina Huiza, Lizandro Gonzáles, Julio César Carranza, Gustavo Adolfo Vallejo, Abraham G. Cáceres

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INTRODUCTION: Trypanosoma cruzi has been divided by international consensus into six discrete typing units (DTU): TcI, TcII, TcIII, TcIV, TcV y TcVI. The factors determining the dynamics of T. cruzi genotypes vector transmission of Chagas' disease in the different geographical regions of Perú are still unknown. OBJECTIVE: To detect and type T. cruzi DTUs from the faeces of seven species of triatomines (Panstrongylus chinai, P. geniculatus, P. herreri, Rhodnius robustus, R. pictipes, Triatoma carrioni and T. infestans) captured in eight departments from different natural regions of Perú. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We examined 197 insects for detecting trypanosomes. DNA was extracted from each insect intestinal contents and PCR amplification of kDNA, SL-IR, 24Sα rRNA and 18Sα RNA was performed for detecting T. cruzi DTUs. RESULTS: Five T. rangeli and 113 T. cruzi infections were detected; 95 of the latter were identified as TcI (two in P. chinai, one in P. geniculatus, 68 in P. herreri, four in R. pictipes, seven in R. robustus, one in T. carrioni, 12 in T. infestans), five as TcII (four in P. herreri, one in T. infestans), four as TcIII (three in P. herreri, one in R. robustus) and four TcIV infections in P. herreri. CONCLUSIONS: This is the first study which has attempted a large-scale characterization of T. cruzi found in the intestine of epidemiologically important vectors in Perú, thus providing basic information that will facilitate a better understanding of the dynamics of T. cruzi vector transmission in Perú.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)167-179
Number of pages13
StatePublished - 29 Mar 2017


  • Perú
  • Triatominae
  • Trypanosoma cruzi
  • Trypanosoma rangeli
  • genotype
  • triatomines


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