La Producción Científica de Alto Impacto en Humanidades en Iberoamérica: Un Mapeo Sistemático

Evelyn Paola Guillén-Chávez, Rosa Núñez-Pacheco, Aymé Barreda-Parra, Sonia Verdugo-Castro, M. Cruz Sánchez-Gómez

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Humanities research does not seem to receive the same importance that is given to research in the areas of science and technology. The main purpose of this study is to characterize the production of scientific articles on Humanities during the last five years in Iberoamerica. The methodology used corresponds to the systematic mapping of scientific production. Likewise, from the qualitative paradigm, the themes that are addressed in the different scientific articles resulting from the process have been analyzed, which not only allows us to clarify figures but also to know what the trend of the discussion points is. The webQDA software was used for data analysis. The results of the systematic mapping analysis show that the concept of humanities has been the most referred to be followed by research. The Iberoamerican countries that have production of scientific articles are Spain, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia and the highest percentage of publication was in 2018. Concerning the impact index of the journals, there is a minimum of publications in Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4. Besides the geographical areas with articles cited are Spain, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. Regarding sex, it is seen that there is an equitable production in the publication of articles by women and men.

Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)266-279
Number of pages14
Issue number3
StatePublished - 30 Dec 2021

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