Late Cainozoic rotation of the Peruvian Western Cordillera and the uplift of the Central Andes

Orlando Efrain Macedo Sánchez, Jérôme Surmont, Catherine Kissel, Pierre Mitouard, Carlo Laj

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A palaeomagnetic study was carried out in the region of Lima (Peru), on 55 sites (564 cores) of middle Cretaceous to Late Miocene age, distributed along three northeast-southwest transverses which cross the Western Cordillera of the Central Andes. Over the entire studied area, the results consistently yield westerly declinations corresponding to post-Cretaceous and post-Eocene counterclockwise rotations with respect to stable South America, of 16° ± 6° and 13.7° ± 8.1°, respectively, when compared to the ill-defined reference poles of this continent. These new results are in good agreement with previous ones from the Central Peruvian Andes and support the model recently proposed for the uplift of the Andean Cordillera.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)65-77
Number of pages13
Issue number1-3
StatePublished - 30 Apr 1992
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Funding Information:
This work is part of a cooperationb etweent he Centre des Faibles Radioactivites( C.F.R.), the Institut Fransaisd ’EtudesA ndines (I.F.E.A.), and the Instituto Geofisico de1 Peru (I.G.P.). We thank the Director of the I.F.E.A. for his help in the organizationo f the field work. Carlos Angeles participatedi n the samplinga nd in many discussions. We are grateful to M.E. Beck and B.J. McFadden who reviewed the manuscript and made pertinent commentso n the original text. The financial support was given by the C.E.A., the C.N.R.S., the I.F.E.A. and the I.N.S.U.-C.N.R.S. program D.B.T.-Dynamique Globale. This is D.B.T.-Dynamique Globale contribution 251 and C.F.R. contribution1 168A.


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