Masa libre de grasa a partir de variables antropométricas en jugadores de voleibol masculino

Translated title of the contribution: Fat-free mass from anthropometric variables in men's volleyball players

Rodrigo Vargas Vitoria, Germano Muniz Da Silva Yuri, Marco Cossio Bolaños, Miguel Arruda, Jose Alfredo Sulla Torres, Patricio Gatica Mendiola, Wilbert Cossio Bolaños, Camilo Urra Albornoz, Rossana Gomez Campos

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Introduction: The estimation of total muscle mass is an important component that is related to performance and training control in various sports modalities. Objective: To propose regression equations to estimate fat-free mass from anthropometric variables in male volleyball players and to verify the reproducibility of the equations. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out on 29 volleyball players from a professional Club in Brazil. The age range ranges from 16.0 to 20.9 years. The Body Mass Index was calculated. Fat Free Mass was determined by scanning dual energy X-ray absorptiometry. Results: Three equations were generated, whose explanatory power varies between 87 to 95%: Model 1: Fat-free mass = -10.401 + 0.562 ∗ Weight + 4.032 ∗ Ankle Diameter (R2 = 0.87), Model 2: Weight free of Fat = -34.806 + 0.330 ∗ Weight + 2.579 ∗ Forearm Circumference (R2 = 0.94) and Model 3: Fat Free Mass = -41.830 + 0.292 ∗ Weight + 2.270 ∗ Forearm Circumference + 2.638 ∗ Ankle Diameter (R2 = 0.95 ). The results of the Desirable reproducibility index showed, for the three predictive models, values of the correlation correlation coefficient between 0.93 to 0.95, for the Accuracy between 0.931 to 0.997 and for the accuracy between 0.997 to 0.999. Conclusion: It is concluded that the Fat Free Mass can be calculated with precision and accuracy in young male volleyball players from anthropometric variables such as weight, ankle diameter and forearm circumference. Use and application in training programs is suggested as a non-invasive and field method.

Translated title of the contributionFat-free mass from anthropometric variables in men's volleyball players
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)48-54
Number of pages7
JournalNutricion Clinica y Dietetica Hospitalaria
Issue number4
StatePublished - 15 Dec 2020
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