Mobile application based on design thinking for teaching kinematics

Carlos Eduardo Arbieto-Batallanos, Luis Daniel Villanueva-Montoya, Dewitt Scott Chavez-Ponce, Reynaldo Alfonte-Zapana, María del Carmen Córdova-Martínez

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Ignorance of the usefulness of technology makes it challenging to apply innovative strategies in the classroom, accompanied by a thought that educational technology is about introducing more technological devices to the school, and not how to use technological tools for the scope of the teaching/learning process. To these problems, a time circumstance is added since teachers need enough time to update themselves. In recent years some new trends have been emerging and have taken more strength in innovation, fostering new forms of teaching. Their intention in educational centers is to prepare students for a new type of society, which is the information society. For this reason, this work proposes the use of the design thinking methodology for the development of a mobile application, efficient and usable for teaching kinematics, obtaining a favorable result given to the acceptance of a sample of fifth-year students from a high school.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)257-266
Number of pages10
JournalCEUR Workshop Proceedings
StatePublished - 2019
Event2019 International Congress on Educational and Technology in Sciences, CISETC 2019 - Arequipa, Peru
Duration: 10 Dec 201912 Dec 2019

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We appreciate deeply to the Universidad Nacional de San Agust?n de Arequipa, organization where we belong.

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  • Design Thinking
  • Education tecnology
  • Innovation
  • Kinematics
  • Mobile Aplication


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