Non-rhinovirus enteroviruses associated with respiratory infections in Peru (2005-2010)

Jose L. Huaman, Gladys Carrion, Julia S. Ampuero, Jorge Gomez, Victor Ocaña, Irmia Luz Paz Torres, Elizabeth Gomez, Edward Chavez, Favio Sarmiento, Edward Pozo, V. Alberto Laguna-Torres, Eric S. Halsey

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Background: Enteroviruses (EVs) are a common cause of respiratory tract infections and are classified into seven species (EVA-D and rhinoviruses [RHVs] A-C) with more than 200 different serotypes. Little is known about the role of non-RHV EVs in respiratory infections in South America. The aim of this study was to describe the epidemiology of non-RHV EVs detected in patients with influenza-like illness enrolled in a passive surveillance network in Peru. Methods. Throat swabs and epidemiological data were collected from participants after obtaining verbal consent. Viral isolation was performed in cell culture and identified by immunofluorescence assay. Serotype identification of EV isolates was performed using commercial monoclonal antibodies. Identification of non-serotypeable isolations was carried out by reverse transcriptase-PCR, followed by sequencing. Results: Between 2005 and 2010, 24,239 samples were analyzed, and 9,973 (41.1%) possessed at least one respiratory virus. EVs were found in 175 samples (0.7%). Our results revealed a clear predominance of EVB species, 90.9% (159/175). No EVDs were isolated. The mean and median ages of EV-positive subjects were 9.1 and 4.0 years, respectively, much younger than the population sampled, 17.6 and 12.0 years. Sixteen serotypes were identified, four EVA, 11 EVB, and one EVC species. The most common serotypes were coxsackievirus B1, coxsackievirus B2, coxsackievirus B5, and coxsackievirus B3. Conclusion: This study provides data about the serotypes of EVs circulating in Peru and sets the need for further studies.

Original languageEnglish
Article number169
JournalVirology Journal
Issue number1
StatePublished - 22 Sep 2014

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  • Enterovirus
  • Peru
  • Respiratory infections


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