Positive mental health level of outpatients in community centers according to socio-demographic variables in Arequipa, Peru

José Calizaya-López, Yaneth Aleman-Vilca, Paola Alarcon-Saravia, Teresa Yañez-Fernandez, Yenny Asillo-Apaza, Rildo Bellido-Medina, Ariosto Carita-Choquecahua, Dery Miauri-Aza

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Positive mental health is a state of mental health, which supports people in face of different difficulties, enabling them to identify their social skills, with the aim of being more productive, emotionally stable and proactive, and helping and promoting community development. Objective: We analyzed the positive mental health level of outpatients according to socio-demographic variables in community mental health centers in Arequipa, Peru. Methods: Descriptive, quantitative and cross-sectional study; 1440 outpatients from community health centers over the age of 18 participated. The Lluch Positive Mental Health Scale, which was verified by Calizaya et al. for Peru, was applied, taking into account adaptability, personal satisfaction-autonomy and frustration tolerance. Results: The general level of PMH in the patients was the medium level (89.2%); in the adaptability dimension (F1), the level was high (73.1%). However, the levels of satisfaction and personal autonomy (F2) and tolerance to frustration (F3) were low, 88.5% and 86.0%, respectively. There was no difference in PMH between female and male patients, nor by diagnosis of any disease (p > 0.05). However, due to the educational level (p < 0.05), patients with a higher educational level obtained higher scores. Likewise, older adults and those who are married, dependent workers, and residents of residential areas presented higher PMH levels than the other comparison groups. Conclusion: Outpatients who used the services provided by mental health centers showed a moderate level of positive mental health, as well as the ability to adapt to unfavorable situations. However, they presented problems in personal satisfaction and autonomy, as well as in frustration tolerance.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1646
JournalEnvironment and Social Psychology
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2023

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  • mental health
  • outpatients
  • positive psychology
  • socio-demographic variables


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