Project based learning application experience in engineering courses: Database case in the professional career of systems engineering

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In many universities, training research is applied in courses as a basic element of research and fundamental in the professional training of every student, which result in strengthening and increasing knowledge about certain areas, as well as to achieve skills, competence, abilities and attitudes. The present work shows the formal application experience of the Project Based Learning (ABPr) methodology in Database Course (BD) at the Professional School of Systems Engineering (EPIS) of the National University of San Agustin (UNSA), Arequipa-Peru, accommodating the nature of the course being the theory taught by a teacher and laboratory practices by another teacher. The goal is to apply an active teaching strategy to an engineering training course. The methodology used is Project-Based Learning for a research project training for a real problem in an organization to be developed by each team in the semester, with deliverables that will be evaluated by grade scale and the formative research report assessed through the rubric; the input and feedback that the teacher makes of them serves for the improvement and experience in the training of the student. The results obtained show that the objectives in the training of students were achieved, as well as the development of the competencies related to the course, in addition that the application of ABPr gives good results for courses of an engineering career serving as feedback for the continuous improvement of this course and experience for the implementation of ABPr in other curriculum courses. Concluding that formative research as a pillar of a basic level of research initiation is given in a cross-cutting way in the curriculum courses, that the active teaching strategies properly planned and properly applied to each reality allow to achieve the desired results such as: increase knowledge of the area, strengthen skills, abilities, attitudes as the case of the present.

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JournalInternational Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2020

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