Sensitivity comparison of two l-alanine doped blends to different photon energies

Felipe Chen, José Vega Ramirez, Patrícia Nicolucci, Oswaldo Baffa

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Blends of L-alanine (85% weight proportion) with KI (10%) and with PbI2 (10%), these last two compounds acting as dopants, and with PVA (5%) acting as binder, were prepared in water at 80°C. A blend of pure L-alanine (95%) with PVA (5%) was also prepared. The three blends were irradiated with photon beams of different energies (120 kV, 60Co, and 10 MV) to a unique dose of 30 Gy to compare their sensitivities for those three energies. EPR spectra of the three irradiated blends were recorded in a K-Band spectrometer (24 GHz) taking aliquots of about 4 mg for each blend. The energy sensitivity of a blend was defined as the peak-to-peak amplitude of its EPR spectrum central line. For the 60Co energy (1.25 MeV) the blends presented practically the same sensitivity, indicating that the presence of the dopants does not affect the sensitivity of L-alanine. For 10 MV x-rays, there was an increment (around 10%-20%) in sensitivity for the two L-alanine doped blends compared with the pure L-alanine blend (not doped). In the case of 120 kV x-rays, the blends ala+KI and ala+PbI showed increments of 10 and 20 times more sensitivity than the pure L-alanine blend. It is concluded that the dopants KI and PbI2 produce a great enhancement of the L-alanine sensitivity to low-energy photons. For the same dopant's content (10%) in the blend, PbI2 showed a better performance. Increasing the PbI2 proportion (30%) in the blend allows the detection of radiation dose as low as 10 mGy for 120 kV x-rays. These results encourage the authors to try to enhance the sensitivity of L-alanine even more by increasing the dopant's content in the blend and diminishing the lower limit detection. Application of these L-alanine doped blends in the dosimetry in diagnostic radiology could be possible.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)383-387
Number of pages5
JournalHealth Physics
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2010


  • Dosimetry, solid-state
  • Electrons
  • Photons
  • Radiation damage


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