Study of Columnar Growth Polycrystalline (Sn, Cr) co-doped In2O3 films deposited by sputtering technique for potential gas sensors applications

A. F. Carlos-Chilo, L. G. Luza-Mamani, A. A. Baldárrago-Alcántara, F. F.H. Aragón, C. Vera-Gonzales, J. A.H. Coaquira, W. Sucasaire, J. G. Rodriguez-Romero, D. G. Pacheco-Salazar

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In this work, (Sn, Cr) co-doped In2O3 polycrystalline films were grown at room temperature by sputtering method using a base pressure of ∼5 × 10−2 mbar (a low vacuum condition) in order to improve the oxidation process and reduce the time of films production. The films were grown using different deposition times by the sputtering technique onto glass substrate using an InCrSn target. The films were thermal annealing (TA) at two different temperatures at 500 and 650 °C in air atmosphere for a period of 2 h. The films were characterized by mean of X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and UV–vis. XRD patterns of films subjected to TA at 500 °C shows a poorly crystallinity with certain degree of amorphicity, evidenced by broad peaks. Meanwhile, films subjected to the TA at 650 °C show a good crystallinity. The formation of the In2O3 phase was found in all samples. Meanwhile, the formation of Cr3O4 and CrO2 phases was detected in the thicker and thinner films, respectively. From SEM images the films evidence a columnar growth with a good homogeneity. The optical band energy gap ∼3 eV below to the expected value for In2O3 bulk (3.75 eV) was determined in all samples, which was associated to the formation of impurity energy levels within the forbidden band, due to the doping process. Furthermore, the films show a sensing response to acetone gas. These results makes (Sn, Cr) co-doped In2O3 a promising system for gas sensing application.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)475-480
Number of pages6
StatePublished - Nov 2018

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The authors acknowledge the important financial support of UNSA INVESTIGA (Grant 31-2016-UNSA ) and the authors (F.F.H.A and J.A.H.C.) want to thank CAPES , CNPq and FAPDF also for financial support. We would like to thank the Dr. Arturo Talledo by the technical support in the vacuum system.

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  • (Sn, Cr) co-doped InO
  • Acetone gas sensing
  • Columnar growth
  • Polycrystalline films
  • Thermal annealing


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