Technological, lithological and economic aspects of data geometrization in coal mining

R. O. Dychkovskyi, V. H. Lozynskyi, P. B. Saik, Yu V. Dubiei, Edgar Caceres Cabana, Ia T. Shavarskyi

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Purpose. Creation of a favorable geomechanical situation and estimation of economical parameters at the mining area according to the selection of the relevant technical and technological justification and operating modes of the mechanized fastening based on the planning of zones of variable stresses. Methodology. Methods of mathematical modeling for determination of loads for fastening of mechanized complexes, experimental studies on stresseddeformed state of the rock mass are applied, on the basis of which rational parameters of mining and management mining pressure are formed. Findings. Using the developed method of data geometrization, the lithological and geological structure of the rock mass was restored on the intersections of the surrounding wallface two of preparatory workings. On this basis, a change in the stressstrain state of a rock massif is established. This makes it possible to set the loadings on the fastening of mechanized complexes. This approach establishes the mathematical dependencies that determine the zones of elevated and lowered mining pressure. For the measure of transition, the socalled coefficient of lithological difference is defined. This parameter provides the possibility not only to evaluate the geomechanical situation at the extraction site, but also to establish a marginal zone for the development of reserves with traditional and radical technologies. An economic evaluation of the proposed technical and technological measures has been held separately. The results of the research will allow justifying the effective mining of coal reserves in particular geological conditions. Originality. The dependence of the lithological difference formation of rocks and stresses of the rockmass to create conditions for the development of the coal reserves has been established. An economic evaluation of the decisions was made using the wellknown methodology of UNIDO. Practical value. Obtained results of experimental studies with precision sufficient for practical application can be used to determine the parameters of underground mining and provide an opportunity to extract the coal reserves at an economically suitable level. The proposed technological solutions were checked in practical conditions for the development of the coal reserves at the site of a DTEK company mine.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)22-28
Number of pages7
JournalNaukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu
Issue number5
StatePublished - 2019

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Acknowledgements. This work was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, grants No. 0119U000248 and No. 0117U001127.

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© Dychkovskyi R.O., Lozynskyi V.H., Saik P.B., Dubiei Yu.V., Cáceres Cabana E., Shavarskyi Ia.T., 2019


  • Coal reserves
  • Data geometrization
  • Economic evaluation
  • Lithological structure
  • Traditional and radical technologies


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