Формування моделей управління гірничим підприємством

O. Vladyko, D. Maltsev, E. C. Cabana, Ia Shavarskyi, R. Dychkovskyi

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Purpose. To develop a comprehensive model of a mining enterprise, to define types of models for mathematical modelling at all management levels, and to determine principles and approaches to the formation of new input data concerning both technologies and their subsystems while combining the technologies. Methodology. To achieve the goal, a systems approach is used, which allows selecting the types of models for modelling the enterprise activities in terms of technologies and subsystems and determining the method of generating own input data for them. For this purpose, the following was completed: the available literature and patent sources were processed and generalized; scientific and technical papers on the selection and application of the varieties of models in mining were analyzed; the principles and individual approaches to the input data formation for mathematical modelling were considered. That makes it possible to select a software mechanism and create simulation models for effective management of a mining enterprise. Findings. Types of models for mathematical modelling at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels of enterprise management were determined and substantiated. Connection between the types of models used by management levels was specified. An expert survey for modelling at the operational level, simulation modelling at the tactical level, and dynamic programming at the strategic level of management were selected. A schematic diagram of modelling of a mining enterprise, whose structure included technologies and their subsystems at various management levels, were developed. The principles of input data formation to model all subsystems, either operating or being prepared for their implementation, were studied. The authors’ own approaches to the input data formation at the levels of management and technological subsystems were defined. Originality. While performing a particular solution of the discrete problem by Bellman method, dependences of minimizing the operations for enterprise management while forming a technological chain of a mine, provided meeting the requirements of production process continuity, were obtained. These studies are aimed at establishing a complex information system with its division into elements, each of which is then used to simulate the whole mining enterprise. Practical value. It means developing a comprehensive model of a mining enterprise, determining the types of models for mathematical modelling at all management levels, establishing a new way of input data formation in terms of both technologies and their subsystems with the implementation of additional mineral-mining technologies.

Idioma originalUcraniano
Páginas (desde-hasta)30-36
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PublicaciónNaukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu
EstadoPublicada - 2022

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© Vladyko O., Maltsev D., Cabana E.C., Shavarskyi Ia., Dychkovskyi R., 2022.


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