Impact of the Use of Gamified Online Tools: A Study with Kahoot and Quizizz in the Educational Context

Benjamín Maraza-Quispe, Lady Cristina Traverso-Condori, Selene Belén Torres-Gonzales, Rocio Elena Reyes-Arco, Santos Toribio Tinco-Túpac, Edwin Reyes-Villalba, Jenny Del Rocio Carpio-Ventura

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Developing effective feedback is fundamental to meaningful learning. Therefore, understanding how gamification tools influence feedback can have a significant impact on improving the educational process and students’ academic performance. By comprehending the impact of platforms like Kahoot and Quizizz on feedback for learning, educators can make more informed decisions on how to use these tools to maximize the benefits of online learning. In this context, the research aims to assess the impact of online gamification tools, such as Kahoot and Quizizz, on the feedback process of student learning. Pre-knowledge tests, quiz applications, and final tests were conducted as part of the methodology. Additionally, the applied methodology involved a sample of 24 students selected through convenience sampling. The questionnaires assessed prior knowledge, feedback, and assimilated knowledge. Multiple-choice questionnaires were created, and an assessment rubric was applied to evaluate the quality of the questionnaires. The research results demonstrate significant progress in the use of gamification platforms, highlighting the effectiveness in providing learning analytics. Quizizz was more effective than Kahoot in providing feedback. Questionnaire results indicated an increase in knowledge and understanding of the subjects. In conclusion, gamification influences feedback, enhancing learning, and motivating students. The tools enable instant review questions, visualization of rankings, and summary of participation. These findings strengthen the effectiveness of gamification in education and its contribution to the feedback process of learning.

Idioma originalInglés
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PublicaciónInternational Journal of Information and Education Technology
EstadoPublicada - 2024

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