Optimal Signal Processing for Steady Control of a Robotic Arm Suppressing Hand Tremors for EOD Applications

Nicolas O.Medina Chilo, Luis F.Canaza Ccari, Elvis Supo, Erasmo Sulla Espinoza, Yuri Silva Vidal, Lizardo Pari

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Teleoperated robotics in recent years has proven to be valuable support in EOD tasks; a remarkable improvement in the systems that control these robots has been the Natural User Interfaces (NUI); however, the research that implements this type of system does not focus on the stability of the robotic arm movements, necessary for this type of applications due to the danger of working with explosives. In this paper, we propose the implementation of an Optimal Signal Processing for a NUI interface based on the Leap Motion (LM) controller. The main objective of this research is to correctly identify the intentional movements of the operator, achieve high stability of the robotic gripper and suppress the physiological tremors from the hand of the operator, considering not to increase the mental workload and not decrease the usability of the system. The signal processing proposed in this paper is composed of three filtering algorithms: Kalman, FIR, and moving average with a threshold. In addition, the obtained results are compared with the most representative processing of recent research using LM for robotic arm control. To evaluate and validate the proposed signal processing, a target path tracking test, a stability analysis of the robotic gripper, and a performance analysis in the execution of Pick and Place tasks, NASA-TLX and SUS questionnaires are developed. Finally, the proposed Optimal Signal processing is implemented in the DOBOT-MAGICIAN and tested by police officers of the EOD Unit-Arequipa (UDEX-AQP); the results indicate a reduction of the average Vibration of 31.61% and the Target Path Tracking error of 67.57%.

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PublicaciónIEEE Access
EstadoPublicada - 2023

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