Urban Stormwater Quality in Arequipa, Southern Peru: An Initial Assessment

Gisella Martínez, Pablo A. García-Chevesich, Madeleine Guillen, Teresa Tejada-Purizcana, Kattia Martinez, Sergio Ticona, Héctor M. Novoa, Jorge Crespo, Elizabeth A. Holley, John E. McCray

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Urban stormwater quality has been sampled and chemically analyzed in the city of Arequipa, southern Peru. Stormwater samples generated from a 0.04 km2 drainage area in a downtown location were collected during two rainy seasons (2022 and 2023), including both first flush and peak flow for each storm event, analyzing physical and chemical (metals) variables. Results were compared with Peruvian agricultural irrigation standards, identifying also temporal changes and statistical correlations. Several metals (B, Cu, Fe, Mn, and Zn) were detected at concentrations above Peruvian MPLs, with B being the analyte that violated the norm more often. Most pollution occurred at the beginning of each rainy season and during the first flush stages. All vehicle-related contaminants were well correlated except for Pb and Se, which were assumed to have a different source of origin. We recommend that further investigations should focus on the effects of urban stormwater on downstream ecosystems in Peru. Similarly, we strongly recommend the creation of new regulations that ensure proper stormwater quality released from urban areas of this country, as well as preventive/treatment practices to minimize the pollution of downstream aquatic ecosystems and ensure healthy water to irrigate crops located downstream from cities.

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