Use of magnetic fields for intensification of coal gasification process

Vasyl Lozynskyi, Volodymyr Falshtynskyi, Pavlo Saik, Roman Dychkovskyi, Bakhyt Zhautikov, Edgar Cabana

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Underground coal gasification is an alternative method for mining coal from thin and ultra-thin seams, which enables conversion of solid fossil fuels into combustible gases at the site of coal occurrence. At the same time, in the case when the coal seam thickness is critically small for the effective course of thermochemical reactions, it is necessary to intensify the gasification process. This paper studies one of the possible methods to intensify the process of underground coal gasification due to the influence of magnetic fields on the injected blast supplied into the gas generator gasification chan-nel. Research tests conducted on a bench setup confirm the effectiveness of injected blast activation in a magnetic field by creating magnetic field inhomogeneity by placing permanent magnets and a discrete solid magnetized phase in a special device. For the first time, the dependence of changing growth of carbon participation during the solid fuel gasi-fication process on changing magnetic field strength in the range of 0-600 E has been determined. It has been proven that the injected blast magnetization can significantly intensify the underground gasification process by increasing the carbon participation share in the fuel, which may be of practical importance for increasing the yield of combustible components.

Título traducido de la contribuciónUse of magnetic fields for intensification of coal gasification process
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PublicaciónRudarsko Geolosko Naftni Zbornik
EstadoPublicada - 28 nov. 2022

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